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Does hot oil treatment give u the same results as hair relaxers???

not really. hot oil treatments just repair your hair from damage and a relaxer straightens your hair and sorta de- frizzes it.Does hot oil treatment give u the same results as hair relaxers???
nope. hot oil treatment usually makes your hair ';temporarily'; coarser.Does hot oil treatment give u the same results as hair relaxers???
No they are completely different things! A hot oil treatment is used to penetrate the cuticle of the hair for intense moisturization/deep conditioning (Im not a fan of hot oil treatments I prefer cream conditioning treatments with the use of heat)... A Relaxer is a chemical solution made up of sodium thioglycolate (same ingredient in a perm)... It is a chemical service to alter the structure of your hair ex: curly to straight! Do not relax your own hair have a professional do this for you... It needs to be applied quickly, evenly, and timed efficiently!
No they dont. The hot oil treatment goes to your scalp and sotens your hair up really nicely. The relaxer however, straightens your hair out (conditions it as well). The hot oil is for damaged hair.
yea pretty much if not they work betta
I graduated from Monmouth County Vocational School District for Cosmetology...

first, not to insult.. but your question kind of doesn't make sense. A hot oil treatment does not straighten the hair.. it adds moisture and softens it.. if you have naturally curly hair, your curls will be more defined. If you use a hot oil treatment and a straightening serum (example: frizz ease straightening serum) and then you blow dry the hair with a jumbo ceramic round brush.. then your hair will be straight... soft..and moist until you wash it.

Now a relaxer on the other hand is usually a 2 to 3 part process depending on the product and it can actually cause damage to the hair if left on too long, or if you put it on bleached hair your hair might fall out. I used to use relaxers and had a lot of trouble until I found a miracle product called RUSK ANTICURL it runs you about $19.99 and is worth every penny. It is permanent and is very simple to use. I hope this helps.
No. Hot oil treatments just de-frizz your hair and make it shiny. Relaxers straighten your hair for a period of time.

I want advice about perms and hair relaxers..any one can help?

i have a frizzy hair,really difficult to manage..and i don't have time to take care of i want to try perm or relaxers..any advice...I want advice about perms and hair relaxers..any one can help?
A perm restructurizes the curl pattern to give you orderly and manageable curls and relaxing your hair will make it bone straight. However, since you are putting chemicals on your hair - your hair will get damaged to an extent and will be much dryer. You will have to put in extra effort to keep your hair moisterized and well maintained. Also, you will have to see your hairdresser on a regular basis for touchups. Unless you plan on just pulling your hair in a ponytail everyday, you may have to put in as much work with a permed or relaxed style as you would with difficult frizzy hair. But you can get polished styles easily with processed hair.I want advice about perms and hair relaxers..any one can help?
DONT DO IT.. i got my first relaxer when i was 4 and i always had issues with it..i had breakage and scalp problems because perms and relaxers are made of CHEMICALS...they weaken the hair since they had to break the whole structure down to make hair straight. my hair is all natural now and im loving its no more sores on my scalp or anything
i would recomend a relaxer bacause a perm makes your hair fall out ,most of th e time
I can relate. I have wavy hair and keeping it long keeps the fizzy down. There are a number of frizzy helpers in the health store that will not hurt your hair.

Perms and relaxers have chemicals which will go to your internal organs. Please try the health stores in your area. They are a source of awesome wonder to me,
Hello Dr. Magy! First and foremost I must say that I truly hope you are going to see a licensed professional and not try to apply either of the two yourself. :)

Secondly, it is really a preference. If you don't want to deal with your hair and you want to get rid of the frizz have your it smooth and straight I would recommend a very mild relaxer. If you want to remove the frizz and have curly hair then ofcourse you should go with a perm. Yes, both of these involve very strong chemicals: Relaxers (sodium hydroxide) and Perms (Sodium Thyoglaucomate), however, as long as they are applied by an experienced licensed hairstylist, and as long as you are properly conditioning the hair you will not have to worry about any sores of the scalp or hair damage. Go for it!!
Definetly a straightens the roots and smooths out your hair,detangling and shines it.perms are good,but aren't good if you really don't have time to take care of your hair.they really damage it,if its not going to be taken care of properly.

I am getting a hair relaxer done on my hair?

I know that this damages your hair but does it kill your hair or anything extreme like that. Also I recently got a haircut and if it gives you split ends end all that crap It wouldn't be worth it for me because I don't want to get another trim again to avoid people seeing the damage. I am getting it done by a professional.I am getting a hair relaxer done on my hair?
Your hair isn't alive in the first place, how can it be killed?
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  • Anyone who uses hair relaxers help me?

    well i havent used them in a while as in several years but i want to know what age groups should use the kids relaxers like beautiful begginings and which age group should use the adult like dark and lovely because im like 13 turning 14 soon so im not sureAnyone who uses hair relaxers help me?
    It does depend on your hair type. My sister was 12 when she got her first relaxer at the salon and I was 14. At home my sister and I use Optimum the regular strength for touching up the roots. Make sure you get your ends clipped every 4 to 6 weeks and use a good conditioner and grease your scalp because the relaxer can leave your hair in a fragile state and break more easily if you don't take care of it. Also, don't forget to wrap your hair up every night in a satin scarf. It makes a big difference. If you will be applying heat to your hair like a curling iron or flat iron, I suggest you use a heat protectant like Motions. Also, for a flat iron, I LOVE the CHI! It is ceramic and is way less damaging on the hair and leaves the hair silky like at the salon. Good luck!Anyone who uses hair relaxers help me?
    I advise you to go to a salon to have it done.. The results will be much better than if you do it yourself at home.
    You should be able to use a adult relaxer. Don't use dark and Lovely. Try Revlon Realistic and get the mild formula, or use Dr. Miracles Relaxer in the mild formula.
    well im 13 and i have very thick long hair so i use bantu mild! but it depends on your hair type. it really doesnt matter your age group...
    First, decide if you really want a relaxer because you will have to make a commitment to getting touch-ups every 6 weeks. If you don't, the transition point between your natural hair and the processed hair will become brittle and may cause breakage. If you decide to go with the relaxer I advise letting a pro do it. The chemicals can not only be harsh on your hair, but on your scalp as well. I would always recommend seeing a professional when chemically treating your hair, ESPECIALLY for a virgin perm.
    It all depends on the texture of your hair. If your hair is somewhat straight already but your roots are not, you can still use a kids relaxer because you don't need anything too strong because your hair might not be as coarse as another person's hair. And don't forget that adult perms come with in mild and strong. Then you also have those with or with out lye. So depending on how straight your hair needs to be and/or its texture should be the major factor in deciding on relaxers.

    Anyone ever use Hair relaxers?

    is a hair relaxer a good option for taming my unruly curly hair - I came across Hair At Rest by Paul Brown - any suggesstionsAnyone ever use Hair relaxers?
    A relaxer is very harsh, and a great majority of ethnic women use them. I am one and I no longer use a relaxer. If you still want one, make sure you go to a salon where they know what they're doing. Another suggestion is to maybe get a texturizer. It is still kind of like a relaxer, but it doesn't completely rid of your curl, just makes the curls softer and easier to manage. You can also find someone to straighten your hair with a straightning comb. Whichever you chose, do NOT apply a relaxer yourself. Have a consultation with a trained stylist and they can lead you in the right direction.Anyone ever use Hair relaxers?
    I hear hair relaxer is hard on the hair, much like a perm. Ask a hair professional.
    I have multiethnic curly hair.... and no, a relaxer is NOT a good option for taming curly hair... and you shouldnt. I've used one when I was little and my poor little strands got shorter and shorter until I had to cut it off and start from scratch :(... Try heat instead, because heat is temporary and less damaging as relaxers when it isnt used in excess....

    For my routine, I wash my hair daily and when I am conditioning it, I comb it back with a wide toothed comb to detangle.... and after rinsing, I put it back in a ponytail or bun. I slap some hair gel on and after it dries, its MUCH straighter than it was. try it!

    Nah, don't do that... drop the relaxer and just do it yourself because you will absolutely hate the results. I know I did..
    this is joe's wife. im a white girl with ethnic hair. ( no im not half or part anything) i've tried everything in my hair to make it straight. I do mean everything. over the counter and at the salon. be careful. that stuff dries your hair out and if you leave it on too long it causes horrible damage. once i left it in too long and it make parts of my hair look green, break off. fall out or the worst part.. it turned strands of it this funky yellow and it would stretch like spaghetti before breaking off.. just be careful what you use.
    African American women often use hair relaxers to straighten their hair. Some Caucasian women do also.

    There are many different types. Talk to a beautician that is experienced in using relaxers on your type (grade) hair.
    Use them all of the time. You will need a relaxer for fine hair( Mild Formula). Go to a Beauty Supply Store. I use Revlon Realistic Relaxer and Dr. Miracles Relaxer.

    Who is going to put the relaxer iin for you?

    First go get it done professionally, watch how they do it, then you can do it yourself after that.
    If you chemically treat your hair you should know that your hair becomes weaker. I suggest that you get a professional to do the treatment. It is easy to over process and damage your hair which would mean you would have to cut off all the damaged hair. Think about it before you do it and got to someone you trust.
    relaxing hair is nice to tame the curly hair only if you get it done by a salon or professional because taken from a hairdresser clients came into my salon that doesn't know what they are doing and the products they use aren't that well that your hair could cause breakage the chemical that's in the relaxer are very strong and should only be done by a professional.

    I'm tired of relaxers. I have thick, coarse hair & see the relaxer is damaging my scalp. Any suggestions?

    I would like my hair to be manageable and I hear flat irons are good. Is it worth it to buy one for thick coars hair. Any advice?I'm tired of relaxers. I have thick, coarse hair %26amp; see the relaxer is damaging my scalp. Any suggestions?
    Yeah they can be a good investment but if you have thick hair you have to take smaller sections when flat ironing so that you can get your hair as straight as possible. Have you ever tried a kiddie relaxer? They are mild and they don't straighten the hair all the way but they help the texture. If you decide to stop using relaxers I would get a comb attachment for your hairdryer and use that while blow drying and that will help straighten it faster.Then use the flat iron.

    Do these hair relaxer home kits actually work?

    I need to find a way to permanently straighten my hair as it gets tiring straightening it every day

    My hairs wavy/straightish but i need it to be straightened completely to suit the hair cut that i have.Do these hair relaxer home kits actually work?
    It isn't a permenant fix as you probably know, but it means you pretty much only have to straighten it once between washing it. My mum has one and one of her friends too and they've worked really well. I think you can get it from boots for 拢15. Can't fall off really.

    And it's a lot easier if you have someone to help you use it too. :)Do these hair relaxer home kits actually work?
    I have tight curls naturally but i have my hair relaxed, i get my roots done every three months so my hair now is wavy. What it does is it weakens the protien strands in the hair making it less trextured so it straightens more. I use dark and lovely hair relaxer for kids as it conditions as it straights and is less damaging to hair. Now I do not have afro hair but i use this and it works very well, and will make your hair straight by using it. I recommend you try Dark and lovely hair relaxer for fine hair as you do not have afro hair. Its easy to follow and very effective! (鈥?/a> You can get these home kit relaxers from supermarkets like tescos and sainsburys and they cost less that 5 pounds. I say you should check it out because its very good

    Hair relaxers??what do they do??

    what do they do to ur hair??? i hav XTREMELY curly hair.....i cannot let them lose..if i do they just look like this humongous ball of cotton. i deep condition very alternate day..still doesnt what do relaxers do??? do they wiegh down the hair or what?Hair relaxers??what do they do??
    There are three basic types of hair relaxers. These are sodium hydroxide and guanidine hydroxide which may or may not require pre-shampooing, and ammonium thioglycolate, which may require a pre-shampooing.

    Sodium Hydroxide

    Sodium hydroxide is the strongest of the three relaxers and will provide the most dramatic results. Sodium hydroxide is a caustic type of chemical that actually softens hair fibers. The chemical also causes the hair to swell at the same time. As the sodium hydroxide solution is applied to the hair, it penetrates into the cortical layer and breaks the cross-bonds.

    The cortical layer is actually the middle or inner layer of the hair shaft that provides the strength, elasticity and shape of the curly hair.

    Depending on various factors and the condition of the hair to be straightened, the strength of the sodium hydroxide solution may vary anywhere from 5 to 10 percent. The pH faction may vary from 10 to 14. The higher the strength of sodium hydroxide, the higher the pH and the faster the straightening solution will take hold.

    Also, the stronger the solution, the more potential damage can occur to the hair. Sodium hydroxide contains a high alkaline content and so special care should always be used when applying this chemical.

    Guanidine Hydroxide

    Guanidine hydroxide relaxers are referred to as the ';no-lye'; relaxers and they tend to be less damaging than sodium hydroxide relaxers. These products, however, still may do some damage to the hair. It can definitely de-fat the scalp.

    Guanidine hydroxide relaxers usually require conditioning treatments before and after. These relaxers are a mixture of calcium hydroxide cream with guanidine carbonate ';activator'; solution.

    Ammonium Thioglycolate

    Ammonium thioglycolate (nicknamed ';thio relaxer';) is much less drastic in its action than the sodium hydroxide and even, in some cases, the guanidine hydroxide. It acts a little differently by softening and relaxing overly curly hair through changes to the hair's cystine linkage.

    Thio works on the same formulation principles as thioglycolate permanent waves. With a pH of 9-9.5, these are also considered to be less damaging, yet still require a neutralization step. Thioglycolate relaxers are usually in cream or gel form and can be preceded by a pre-softener.

    Since thio relaxers are considered much milder, the risk of hair damage is also reduced by comparison to the sodium hydroxide.鈥?/a>

    Now that you have the science down, I'll give you some personal experience. I have a relaxer. I re-do my relaxer every 8 weeks or so. My hair grows out pretty quick and that's why I get it that often. You should only get touch-up relaxers with new growth.

    You have to make sure and keep your hair well conditioned after a relaxer because it dries out your hair. Just use salon-quality products. I use Biolage Hydratherapie and KeraCare for my ends. Throughout the week I use a moisturizer depending on if my hair needs it or not.

    Your hair will NEVER revert back to the way it was once you have a relaxer. However you HAVE to relax the new growth or else you will have two textures in your hair and it will break. If you want natural hair again, you have to cut off the relaxed hair.

    And please, PLEASE make sure to go to a professional who knows how to do them. They can damage your hair if improperly applied.

    Hope this helped :)Hair relaxers??what do they do??
    Relaxers straighten the hair. A Perm adds Curl to straight hair.

    Product weights down hair. Or natural Oil.

    From Curl to straight = Relaxer.

    From Straight to Curly = Perm.


    Realxers-a chemical added to the hair that relaxes the curl pattern of your hair. Makes your hair extremely straight. No relaxers do not weigh your hair down.
    You sound like you need a slight relaxing. To loosen up the curls...but not neccisarily straighten them. Go to a Hair Stylist who is licensed and trained in the art of hair.

    Dont deep condition every other day, that does weigh your hair down. You nneed only deep condition once a month.

    You hot comb your hair, or flat iron it. Japanese straighten it. As alts.

    Does a hair relaxer burn if you went swimming in chlorine two days before?

    A hair relaxer is a chemical that staightens your hair.Does a hair relaxer burn if you went swimming in chlorine two days before?
    it shouldn't if it was shampooed after the chlorine.


    no brushing or combing before relaxer

    no exercise before a relaxer

    no scratching before a relaxer

    no pulling on the hair before a relaxer

    no heat before a relaxer

    you should be given a place in the salon to cool down before the relaxer is done. heat will make it process faster than normal and if it's been a while since your last one then you can end up with a band of unstraightened hair around your head. eewwy , yucky.Does a hair relaxer burn if you went swimming in chlorine two days before?
    You should wash your hair with regular shampoo and wait at least a week before putting a perm on!
    Make sure you base your scalp, prior to.
    It shouldn't. My guess is that the chemical was processed too long.
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  • How do u do a Hair Relaxer Touch up?(Give me steps/directions)?

    Hey guys.I was wondering how to do a Relaxer touch up on your hair.I've looked everywhere and all they say is relaxe the roots,which is true,but I wana know the steps/directions to take to keep the chemical away from the already relaxed hair and only get it on the roots.Because it seems difficult in theoryHow do u do a Hair Relaxer Touch up?(Give me steps/directions)?……

    Read both links BEFORE relaxing!How do u do a Hair Relaxer Touch up?(Give me steps/directions)?
    I don't know what brand you use, but I just put the relaxer on my edges (the part that frames my face and goes all the way around to the nape of my neck). Make sure to put Vaseline on your skin first so you don't get burned.

    But your best bet is to take it to a professional if you're unsure.

    Does anyone know how to remove hair relaxer in african americans hair?

    It cannot be ';removed';. You can only wait for it to grow out and then cut off the relaxed portion of your hair. Do not believe anyone who tells you that a relaxer can be reversed or removed. it canNOT.Does anyone know how to remove hair relaxer in african americans hair?
    Go to Sally's or a beauty supply store and ask a sales person. They have every kind of hair product imaginable, so I'm sure you can find something to fix your hair situation.Does anyone know how to remove hair relaxer in african americans hair?
    sorry it can't be removed!! have to let it grow out naturally once u get a nice amount of new growth then u go to a hair professional and let them trim your ends every so often..

    I have to agree with the person said don't let anyone tell you that u can take it out because you can't
    I regularly have my hair relaxed and there is no way to remove the relax once it has been done. The relaxer changes the structure of your hair to make it straight so once it's done there's no going back until your hair grows out.

    Best hair relaxer that really work?

    I did get a chemical hair relaxer about 6 years ago and that was a joke. My hair laughed in the face of the relaxer and did not get straight at all.

    So what is the best chemical hair relaxer out there that really works well with curly hair?Best hair relaxer that really work?
    I like Affirm. Best hair relaxer that really work?
    had you gone thru puberty 6years ago alot of treatments wont work such as perms just ask any licensed haidresser

    If you know anything about hair relaxers..OPEN?

    My hair is natrually curly..i mean really curly. I love it curly, but i also like it straight; And ill straighten it with a flat iron, it works, but i gotta keep straighting it everyday, and sometimes if i dont wash it..yeah ewh.

    1.So if i get a relaxer will it damage my hair?

    2. Will is keep it straght, for how long?

    3. Will it completly change my hair forever?

    Anything else, just add it.If you know anything about hair relaxers..OPEN?
    1. It doesn't have to. If you or the person applying the relaxer does it right then it shouldn't be a problem. Never over process (let the relaxer stay in longer than necessary). Never relax hair that has been relaxed, by that I mean after you've had your first relaxer only the new hair growth has to be straightened. If your hair has been bleached wait atleast 2 weeks before you relax, I prefer 3 or 4, but at least 2. Don't relax your hair too much. Use products that are for your hair type (color treated, chemically treated, etc.). Use products for relaxed hair. If you relax your hair, never let it get dry, it doesn't have to be greasy, just never dry. It's a dramatic change to everything about the hair, from the texture to the diameter of each strand. You have to take proper care of it.

    2. Relaxers are a permanent change. Once hair is relaxed, it can't be undone, the only way to go back to natural is to cut the hair that has been relaxed, and start over. Like I said it's all about the rate that your hair grows usually has to be done every 8 to 9 weeks.

    3. Yes, yes, yes, your hair will be changed for ever. But I must warn, not everyones hair takes relaxers, It may texturize your hair making it easier to manage, but it might not be bone straight. But in general it will usually straighten it.

    You can relax your hair and still have healthy hair.

    Your hair may be more subjectible to breakage once the hair has been relaxed, but if you keep it moisturized properly, and don't abuse it, it will be fine.

    for anything that I left out go to this website

    you can find out about all things relaxed hair, if I think of something else, I'll come back and let you know.

    Alright, here are some tips:

    Relax your hair every 8 to 9 weeks depending on your hair's needs. Do not relax your hair every time new growth appears, since relaxing too often causes damage to the hair. For one week following your relaxer, use a reconstructor instead of your regular conditioner when you wash your hair. Aphogee makes an excellent reconstructor and shampoo. After a week return to your regular shampoo and conditioner.

    Wash and condition your hair every 4 to 5 days and at the most once a week. Try to use shampoo and conditioner designed for dry hair. Ultra Black Hair and Tresseme for damaged hair are excellent conditioners. Using a moisturizing deep conditioner once per week is ideal. Rarely if ever use a towel or a blow dryer to dry your hair. Instead, to prevent damage, air dry the hair, separating it with your fingers as it dries. Or you can allow it to dry undisturbed then comb with a large tooth comb (this will keep the volume down).

    Cowashing is an excellent alternative to the wash/condition. Cowashing is washing your hair with (preferably) a moisturizing conditioner, eliminating the shampoo step which can be very drying when done relatively frequently. Many with relaxed hair cowash daily.

    It is best to avoid using heat to dry your hair, however, if you prefer heat, then avoid hand held dryers. Use a hood dryer instead. With repeated usage, all hair dryers will damage and dry-out your hair, but the hood type will not damage it as quickly. The hair should be completely dry before you use a curling or flat iron on it.

    When using a curling iron to style your hair, do not allow the barrel cover to clamp down on your hair. Hold the barrel cover slightly open and allow the hair to move over the curling iron barrel without the tugging and pulling caused by pressure from the barrel cover. Whenever the barrel cover clamps down on your hair it creates a weak point at which breakage is inevitable.

    A regular metal barreled Curling iron works well and is easy to find. You can also invest in heat appliances utilising ceramic, tourmaline, ionic technology having temperature controls. Relaxed hair can be easily styled at 300 degrees or less. Try to use heat protective products (serums or creams, not oils) prior to any and all heat styling. Ultra Black Hair lotion creme and Chi Silk Infusion are good product for this. However, it must be stressed, that heat should be avoided as often as possible.

    Never use hair oil on relaxed hair as a moisturizer as oil does NOT moisturize the hair but rather functions as a sealant. If your hair is well conditioned you won't need any oil at all. If you do prefer some oil, choose a lightweight oil (such as jojoba, coconut, almond, or olive oil) rub a small amount in the palms and spread lightly through the hair, focusing on the ends of the hair. If you choose to use oil, it is best to wash it off within a few days.

    Use as little heat as possible with your hair as heat can only do more damage to relaxed hair. It's ok to style your hair with a curling iron (occasionally!), however a rollerset is the best method with either a large or small curler depending on the size you want. If you use curlers at night be sure to tie them down to keep them from moving as you sleep. If the curlers are allowed to move as you sleep, it will weaken the roots and the hair will fall out from the roots.

    Alternate between cold and heated styling. If you use a curling iron one day, set your hair with rollers the next day. This will help to minimize heat damage.

    Water based moisturizers are best for all hair types. Ultra Black Hair Lotion Creme is an excellent moisturizer as well as S-curl. You can also try Dudley's PCA Moisture Retainer or ORS Carrot Oil creme to see if it works for your hair. Avoid moisturizers with petrolatum and mineral oil unless you wash/condition and/or cowash regularly.

    Drink plenty of water daily and check your hair's moisture level every day. To test your hair's moisture level, follow these simple steps:

    First, Gently hold some of your hair in your hand. If your hair is cool to the touch and feels silky, it is clean, well conditioned and you are drinking adequate amounts of water. If your hair is warm to the touch, oily or dry like paper it is in need of cleaning, conditioning and you should increase your water intake.

    Second, shake your head gently. If your hair bounces and moves easily it is clean, well conditioned and you are drinking enough water. If your hair does not move at all, the moisture level is very low. It is time to wash and condition your hair and increase your water intake.

    Third, comb your hair gently. If there is no hair on the comb or on your clothing the moisture level is good. If there is hair on the comb or on your clothing, your hair's moisture level is very low. Wash and condition your hair as soon as you get the chance and increase your water intake. You might also want to avoid using heated styling instruments for a few days.

    It is important to condition your hair often, however, when it is close to the time for you to get a touch up of your relaxer, the roots or your hair will be very dense and it will be difficult to properly rinse the conditioner out at the roots. Because hair will break off if conditioner is not properly rinsed away, you can do the following when your roots are very dense. Place 50% conditioner and 50% very hot water in a container and stir it until it becomes the consistency of shampoo. Once the mixture cools use it as you normally would. It will easily rinse from your roots. Do not use the diluted conditioner more than once or twice as it will not properly condition your hair. Get your touch up as soon as you get the chance and once your roots are straightened, return to using the conditioner full strength.

    Applying a moisturizing conditioner to dry hair for 30 minutes to an hour and following with a warm/cool water rinse can help maintain the hair's moisture balance and make it more pliable. Remember, apply conditioner to the scalp infrequently as it can cause your hair to shed more easily. Conditioning products should only be applied to the length of the hair the majority of the time.

    [edit] TipsDon't use a weave unless you are quite expert at them, as this can make your hair worse.

    Friction on a pillowcase can break off relaxed hair. Use only silk or satin pillowcases.

    To keep your hair moist and in good shape while you sleep do this: Buy a plastic garment bag from you local dry cleaner. Cut a large oval from the bag. It should be about the length of your arm. At bedtime, place the center of the oval at the back of your hair. gently tie the two ends together over your forehead. Be sure to leave the top of your scalp uncovered so it can receive oxygen. Enjoy your sleep. When you awake your hair will be in excellent condition for your day.

    To keep your hair very thick and full, use a very wide-tooth, seamless comb and comb hair very gently. This will prevent pulling out hair from the roots and will help to prevent stripping and breakage.

    To moisturize hair from the inside before getting a relaxer, drink about 3 to 4 glasses of water a day for the 3 days prior to your relaxer. Your hair will be in good condition when you get the relaxer.

    To moisturize hair from the outside before getting a relaxer, use a protein treatment about 5 to 7 days prior (Aphogee Treatment For Damaged Hair is an excellent protein treatment).

    Educate yourself. The book Ultra Black Hair Growth (as well as other books) is an excellent resource. If you have the time and resources, taking a course about hair at a local beauty college might be right for you.

    Believe that it is possible for you to have healthy, rich, thick, bouncy, moisturized, awesome looking, long relaxed hair. Find what works for you and never stop searching until you do.

    If you have difficulty rinsing conditioner from your hair even when the roots are not dense or if your hair sheds more often when you use conditioner, apply the conditioner only to the length and not near the scalp.

    Its easy to remove knots and tangles from dry hair without causing breakage. Instead of uIf you know anything about hair relaxers..OPEN?
    Relaxers are made to change the chemical bonds in curly hair to make it less curly or straight depending on how long the chemical is left in the hair. It basically contains either Sodium Hydroxide or Calcium Hydroxide. The Calcium Hydroxide is usually the ';No Lye'; chemical application. No lye is usually most prefered by most, because it seems to cause less irritation, and is less likely to give the burning affect that is most associate with lye based chemical relaxers. If you are going to try the lie based PLEASE DO NOT DO IT ON YOUR OWN!!!! PLEASE SEEK A PROFESSIONAL, because the lye based relaxers need a trained hand. I would suggest just sticking with the no lye relaxer forms if you do decide to get a relaxer.

    Honestly damage can be done with any process when it comes to curly hair. You can cause damage to your hair with daily heat implements to straighten your hair. A relaxer can cause damage if directions are not followed, and if follow up care is not given to the relaxed hair.

    You can texturized your hair with a chemical relaxer by not leaving it in long enough or combing or smoothing it in to obtain a super straight look. With a texturizer your hair is left with a obvious less curly texture. The hair is still curly, but the curl is looser, and allows for easier styling whether you wear it that way or flat iron it.

    Honestly, I would keep my hair curly if I were you, but I know what you mean by wanting to wear straight looks. My hair is extremely curly, because I am multi-racial. I have honestly 5 or more different hair textures on my head, and the thickness is a killer. The only reason why I do lightly texturize my hair is so that I can get a comb through it! It is so thick that it is hard to style. I have in the past allowed for my hair to be relaxed to a very straight texture, but it is a lot of work to keep it healthy and thriving in a totally chemically straighten style. I recommend seeing a professional hair stylist that has experience in applying chemical relaxers. Also discuss texturizing your curls with him or her. Not a lot of hair stylist know how to properly texturize curly hair... so you will have to use discernment and discretion when choosing the person that will do the texturizing for you.

    NOTE: Curly hair should never be straighten to a bone straight or stick straight texture. This can cause lots of problems including breakage. Properly relaxed hair should have texture and elasticity to it. Further straightening can be achieved with a warm flat iron if needed or desired. A re-touch of new growth will need to be done every 6 to 8 weeks 1 1/2 to 2 months depending on how fast your hair grows. For texturized hair a chemical re-touch can be done a lot later sometimes every 12 to 16 weeks. That is every 3 to 4 months.

    The chemical relaxer will only change the hair that has been process. The hair that grows out of your scalp will not be affected by the chemical only if you re-touch the new growth. If you ever want to go back to your natural hair texture you can just let it grow out to your desired length (this is sometimes hard to do, but best if you decided that 2 inches is a good length) and just cut the relaxed ends completely off. If your hair is really long, and you are unsure about relaxing then make sure this is something you really want to do, because if you want your hair natural again it will have to all be cut off down to the new growth.

    Is it ok to use hair relaxers in pregnancy? i am 4 weeks pregnant?

    No its not ok to use hair relaxer, being pregnant is irrelevant. people are so chemical mad, its in their food, on their skin, just give it a rest already.Is it ok to use hair relaxers in pregnancy? i am 4 weeks pregnant?
    I was told -when I was expecting my son that I could not perm-or color my hair because the chemicals could absorb thur the skin and harm my fetus--so I would say no . better yet ask your doctor--or go on line to a ask an M.D. site get a free answer YOUR CHILDS SAFETY IS WORTH IT. by the way congradulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    note: your child is going thru a lot of developmental changes during the 1st trimester(3 months) any chemical exposure would be unwiseIs it ok to use hair relaxers in pregnancy? i am 4 weeks pregnant?
    I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I wanted to color my hair last week but I saw online that it is better not to do that. color, perm or use of any chemicals that you really don't need right now. And when I think about it I feel that they are right about it cause it is not an emergency...
    I looked into having my hair chemically straightened whilst pregnant, but was told that the hormones are likely to make the product react badly, and that the fumes from the chemicals are not suitable for pregnant people. I would double check with a salon, or invest in some electrical straighteners.
    The chemicals are pretty nasty but they will only burn your scalp if applied badly. I don't think that they will get into your bloodstream or anything like that so I'd say their is no risk to your pregnancy.
    Straighteners? Sure why not. If you mean chemicals of some sort, then they're probably best avoided x

    Where can i find a hair salon that gives relaxers in hawaii?

    usually i go to jcpenney salon to get relaxers i get the affirm relaxer....Where can i find a hair salon that gives relaxers in hawaii?
    J Salon in downtown honolulu does relaxers. Monique does my friend's hair and she says that Monque does a really good job. Hope this helps.
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  • Do hair relaxers come out?

    Hey everyone,

    Yesterday, I had my hair straight/relaxed. I think my stylist said that the relaxer would unravel and then it would be curly again, but I forgot.

    So, my question - Will the relaxer come out? It was by Graham Webb products and I REALLY want to go back natural.

    Advice!?!Do hair relaxers come out?
    Yes the relaxer will eventually wear out---you can strip it

    faster through frequent shampoos.Your natural hair will

    return ---your hair texture may be slightly different but

    that's the only difference.Good luck---I'm sure your hair

    looks fine.Do hair relaxers come out?
    how long did they leave the relaxer in?

    if it was a just a few minutes then yes....if the relaxer was in for a while 15+min then ,no.

    Hair woman's hair..?

    When I was younger, I remember my older sisters having their hair relaxed once every three months. I don't understand this because now that I have relaxed hair, it needs a touch-up every month. I have at least 1/2 inch of new growth and I am VERY tenderheaded. If I don't get my hair relaxed, it hurts my scalp. There is no way that I can go 3 months without a relaxer. I keep hearing stories about over processing. Does anyone else have to relax their hair in less than 3 months.Hair woman's hair..?
    Everyones' hair is different. It sounds like yours grows quite fast. Relax your hair every 6 weeks--but ONLY the roots. Don't relax over the hair that's already had chemical on it before. Use a child's coarse relaxer and only mix 1/2 the container. You can save the rest for the next time.Hair woman's hair..?
    If you wear your hair down, get it done every six weeks. That's what I do.
    Yes I used to but it made all my hair fall out i mean completely bald so i don't even used relaxers or perms no more im all natural now.
    Honestly each hair texture is different. Each amount of sweating out the perm or new growth varies from individual to to ask this you are going to get a variety of responses. If new growth appears..... relax the roots. I have to do mine every 4-5 weeks.
    I have to do it every month, also. My hair grows quickly and thick so about three weeks after a relaxer my hair is horribly nappy at the roots.

    Dr. Miracles is great for this. The relaxers are gentle yet they work. If I can't get that I'll use the Soft and Beautiful Botanicals relaxers just as quickly.

    Kiddie Perms have the exact same chemicals as adult perms and don't go for ';super perms'; either. Use a good brand and their gentlest forumula until you figure out what works for your hair.
    i get my hair done every otehr 2 months and i ge tit done at a sloan and if you get your hair done at the salaon you should be fine,yea when my roots come in it hurts my scapl too lol
    I texturized my daughters hair after two months...but it was a mild relaxer...its not good to do it under 3 i am going to wait until all this relaxed hair on her head grows out
    you really shouldn't relax your hair every month it can cause it to fall out. my friend use to get a relaxer eveytime she saw new growth and just about all of her hair fell out. if you get it at a salon it should be okay; however that gets expenisve. when i had relaxed hair and my new growth came in i did rollersets (my hair grows about an inch a month), i got my touch up every 2-3 months

    Where can I find a good hair salon in Washington D.C. that specializing in ethnic hair...relaxers, weaves, etc

    Just like liquor stores, you can find one on every street corner. Or better yet, when you see someone's hair that you like, just ask them where they got their hair done.

    Hair Relaxers?!?!?1?

    I have had curly Hair for my whole life, and as pretty as they look i want to get a relaxer put into my hair. I was wondering how long it lasts on white females. Also i would like to know if it will ever return to its natural curlyness. Please answer. It would be ALOT of help!!Hair Relaxers?!?!?1?
    I am in the same boat as you. I am a mixed-race female with curly/wavy hair, and me and my mom decided since I was a little kid that I definitely need a perm. Oh, if you have naturally curly hair as your roots grow out you will have to get them re-done. If you gotten your hair relaxed now, and then wait 2 months from now it won't go back to being curly. Just your roots will be curly. Because, that's your natural hair texture. If you want to continue to keep straight hair you would have keep re-touching the new growth as those curly roots grow out. That's what I do for myself. Once your ends are relaxed they are going to stay straight.Hair Relaxers?!?!?1?
    Relaxers are not made for white people hair because the structure of your hair is totally different.

    To chemically relax your hair it would make it fall out. I would go to a professional and let them decide how to permanently straighten your hair.

    I dont think you can do that at home
    sense you have white hair i would not recommend you putting on your hair those chemicals are so strong and harmful for the the ethnic groups it does and white people hair is so different and yes it would come back its just like a perm it will grow out and you have to redo it but don't do it on your it will possibly break off.

    Can i reuse the unused portion of my hair relaxer?

    I recently bought a hair relaxer (perm) and i mixed together the activator with the perm. I decided not to use the hair relaxer (perm) then. Is it okay for me to use the hair relaxer (perm) three or more days later? What is the limit of time for reusing the mixed up perm (hair relaxer)?Can i reuse the unused portion of my hair relaxer?
    It is inactive after one hour. Please get rid of this old chemical.Can i reuse the unused portion of my hair relaxer?
    Well Skylar

    If you read the directions on the paper it tells you once you mix the ingredients of a relaxer you are supposed to discard what you don't use that very day. I think the reason that they tell you this is because, once it is mixed and the longer it sets, the weaker that it become, so if you are not going to use it then it is best not to mix it then.
    you don't need a relaxer, you need a BARBER! why don't you just shave your head and be bald-headed? bald women are very sexy and exotic.

    be bold be bald.

    good luck
    No, because it will be weak and won't straighten your hair like it should. But you can use it if you want to, but I wouldn't.
    unfortunately the perm weakens when not used within a few hours of mixing. I wish that I would be able to use the unused portion but its much better to use it while its still good.

    Hair relaxers company or email?

    yah, i got a site which is very helpful and things with very good price, and professional.鈥?/a> click on it, seem would help you alot... this is a professional online hair care shop with counsultation services. have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Is there a hair relaxer that makes your hair super straight?

    i use Olive oil relaxer and its good but i want it to be straighter

    any suggestions?Is there a hair relaxer that makes your hair super straight?
    Try Motions or Optimum, or just try the super olive oil next time. But be careful, there is a such thing as your hair being TOO straight, so straight that it comes right out. Is there a hair relaxer that makes your hair super straight?
    I also got mine chemically straightened at a hair salon (and I think twice my mommy did it for me just at home with CVS stuff).

    Mine is growing out from the last one a good 2 years ago though and I will never do it again because I realized just how much I missed my curly hair. My natural curls are weird now ]:

    Now I just use the Chi hot iron, it works wonders. If you need to, blow dry it first, then use a hot iron. Top it off with a hairspray so it doesn't frizz and tada! [:
    I got chemical straightening. It was some korean brand, I got it done at a salon so I'm not completely sure. All I know is that they first put relaxers in and then wash it out and then straighten my hair with a flat iron and then put more stuff in and then it it sit for an hour or so and wash it out and BAMM. ITS DONE





    I don't think there's any that make it super straight, just relaxes the curls - though drying your hair straight with a hairdryer if you don't already will help
    i just use a hair iron.

    What are the chemicals in hair relaxers and perms?

    like perodic chemicalsWhat are the chemicals in hair relaxers and perms?
    sodium hydroxide

    Info on hair relaxers?

    what kind of relaxer or something should i do to my hair? i want it to stay CURLY, i dont want a relaxer that would make it straight,i just want it to be more manageable and to look better.thank you all in advanceInfo on hair relaxers?
    you want a texturizer

    Anyone know any ';homemade'; hair relaxers?

    olive oil will help with the frizzies =]鈥?/a>

鈥?/a>Anyone know any ';homemade'; hair relaxers?
    The chemicals are way to harsh for you to combine at home, you would have to get them from a chemist. Relaxers are a lot different than many other hair products and chemicals, they are really far on the other end of the pH scale, and if you get .5 gram more or less of something your hair will just break off. Also, you can get a kit to do it at home for way less than the ingredients to make one! If you are white, of Asian or European decent it is just a perm solution that you comb through. If you are of African decent the chemical is a lot more harsh and cannot be mixed with anything else, you have to use the same one with every retouch as well, but they sell them both in drugstores.

    Hair Relaxers/ Black Hair Care?

    I haven't had a relaxer in my hair for two years. During this time my hair has mostly been in braids and ponytails, but in about two weeks im thinking about getting a relaxer and I was wondering if I should wait longer or not get one at all.

    *right now my hair is in micro braids

    * my natural hair is past my shoulders

    *my hair has never been dyedHair Relaxers/ Black Hair Care?
    if you know that the perm wont damage your hair then go for it!

    but before you put the perm on it make sure you wait until 2 days after you take out your zillions

    i am and african american to and i use realaxers!Hair Relaxers/ Black Hair Care?
    one week before you relax you should do a protein treatment. aphogee protein treatment for damaged hair. you should put a lye relaxer in your hair because it is less drying. if you can, go to a professional.
    def take the braids out and let your scalp rest for 4-7 days. get you the keyshia cole perm or optimum mild perm. use keracare products. these items are the gentler products on market.

    What do relaxers do for hair?

    What does it do?What do relaxers do for hair?
    Permanently changes your hair texture. My little cousin had beautiful curly hair up until age 5 when her family decided to use a relaxer (for what reason, I am still trying to figure out), Now her hair is dry and brittle. Depending on what you want your hair to turn out to be, relaxers may or may not be for you. If you just want to tame your hair, you might want to go with a good flat iron at first. If that doesn't work, try the mildest relaxer you can find. But I would consult a natural hair care stylist for more advice on this topic because there are so many different relaxers and you need to know what is best for your hair type, which is something you won't find help with online, because someone needs to take a look at your hair and make an educated decision.

    Discuss more topics like this at our new hair message board鈥?/a>

    We are recruiting new members so come be apart of our family:)What do relaxers do for hair?
    relaxes and smoothens the hair
    simply RELAXES your hair. if your hair is super curly it will ONLY tune down the curl. it will STILL be curly. dont let that fool you. ive done it.
    Takes the curl or ';kink'; out of the hair permanently (until your hair grows out) so that your hair is straight.
    Relaxers straighten hair. My hair is frizzy so I tired it, It looked so good for about 3-4 months then it looked so dry. But relaxers' formula is very strong, made my scalp itchy and tight, so I decided against repeat treatment.
    Damages the cuticle to achieve a flat appearance you are better off learning to master your waves/curls than trying to burn them out - you will wind up with a frizzy unmanageable mess. Good Luck!
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  • Do chemical hair relaxers (straightening treatments) cause lasting hair loss (or damage) (in Caucasian men)?

    Am thinking of trying a treatment (at home) such as Phytospecific, but am already suffering from a receding hairline, so if there's any risk of making that worse then I shall be steering well clear!Do chemical hair relaxers (straightening treatments) cause lasting hair loss (or damage) (in Caucasian men)?
    I'm a professional stylist and what the relaxer does is breaks down the cuticle layers of the hair and restructures it, making the curl less or non-existant depending on the length of time the product is on the hair and the strength of the product. I used to have them done FAITHFULLY and now I wouldn't touch the stuff with a ten foot pole. I refuse to do the service because it strips your hair down making it weaker and thinner, thus less healthy. I hope it helps you out.Do chemical hair relaxers (straightening treatments) cause lasting hair loss (or damage) (in Caucasian men)?
    Thats Napphed's opinion. You can have healthy hair and get it chemically relaxed. Ive been getting relaxers for 10 years now. My hair is long, shiny and healthy.

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    Kass E - please note that I stated exactly what a relaxer does which is not an opinion it's fact (ask a cosmetology teacher). I never said you can't put it in healthy hair I said it makes the hair LESS healthy, because of it's process, I hope this clears thing up. Be blessed

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    try the boots straightener its supposed to be less damaging and conditioning even or wellastrate or even xtenso you can buy them all off ebay they seem to follow the same principles of the yuko which is supposed to be quite good. But having said that if your hairs receding you wanna start getting used to it being short the longer it is the worse it looks ...thats what i think anyway!!
    'spect so
    You make want to take note of this statement.

    ';Other possible cause of hair loss in men may be linked to the products and treatments that most men consider. There are some, however, who lose hair due to certain improper hair cares, like using too much solution for their hair.';

    Why take a risk when you are already losing hair?
    I would definetly not recommend doing a chemical relaxer at home. It could cause breakage which could highlight the receeding hairline.

    Steer well clear.

    When you have put on hair relaxer .. afterwards do you have to buy a neutralizing shampoo?

    i've been meaning to buy a hair relaxer .. and was wondering to do it at home .. i dnt want to go to the parlor and spent a lot of money .. but i was wondering if i havent end up buy a neutralizing shampoo after i've put on the hair relaxer?When you have put on hair relaxer .. afterwards do you have to buy a neutralizing shampoo?
    The whole point of the neutralizing shampoo is to stop the relaxer from continuing to relax your hair, so you need it. Even though you wash out the relaxer it is still active in your hair until you use the neutralizer. If you want your hair to fall out then skip the neutralizing shampoo.When you have put on hair relaxer .. afterwards do you have to buy a neutralizing shampoo?
    YES ALWAYS. If you get a kit, all you need will be in the box. If you buy the lye versions you don't mix, You can get a $1 bottle of isoplus neutralizer if you don't want to buy the accompanying brand name neutralizer and stop the relaxer from over processing.
    It's always good to put on some neutralizing shampoo after using a hair relaxer, to smooth it out.
    You most definitly have to buy the neutralizer other wise you could end up bald.

    What the best hair relaxer that wouldnt make hair puffy?

    I'm part african american and i use organic olive oil hair relaxer, it really good but after i use it. My hair goes back to being puffy so i wanted to know how to make my hair stay straight and relax without the puffy-nest.What the best hair relaxer that wouldnt make hair puffy?
    la looks

    .What the best hair relaxer that wouldnt make hair puffy?
    use aussie sydney smooth it works real good. :-)

    What are hair relaxers?

    i have extentions and short curly hair. and i hate curly hair.and i want to grow it long but i think from bleaching it and dieing it so much messed it up so a few months ago i went to just black hair and its been black since. and someone said to try hair relaxers.but i dont know what they areWhat are hair relaxers?
    A hair relaxer uses similar chemicals to a perm (which gives you waves or curls), only it straightens your hair. A relaxer will damage your hair, much like a perm. So if your hair is already damaged, be careful and go to a good salon.What are hair relaxers?
    nooooooooo really ok for black peole that menas to straghten our hair whcih is bad they do break the hair off,ok perm like perm u'll get curly
    If your hair is damaged from the dying it and bleaching it I would advise you to wait a while until your hair can get back healthy... A relaxer is a chemical used to straighten tight curled hair... If you have damaged hair I would suggest that you make sure to go to a professional salon to get your hair back healthy. I hope everything works out... in the mean time may i suggest using a CHI flat iron to get your hair straightwithout chemicals.
    A hair relaxer is just that, it relaxes the curl in the hair. African-Americans use them to the greatest extent to relax their very kinky hair. If you don't like your curly hair, the relaxer may not get rid of enough of the curl to suit you. You may need to have your hair straightened. Go see your stylist and ask her what you can do to straighten or at least relax your hair. This is not something you do at home, a stylist needs to do it.

    What is the best hair relaxer product?

    Well i use organic olive oil hair relaxer it works good but now i want to use something different i want to use a hair relaxer that will make my hair soft, smooth but more than ever i want a product that wouldn't make my hair poofy and stays straight. Also, i don't want to use a hair straighter just relaxer.

    So can any one tell me a good hair relaxer product without making my hair poofyWhat is the best hair relaxer product?
    Either Affirm or Motions Oil Moisturizer brand relaxers.What is the best hair relaxer product?
    I answered your other question about Dr. Miracles. But again, definitely stop using box perms. That is what is making your hair dry and poofy. Use a lye relaxer. When I relaxed my hair, I really liked Motions. Also, it isn't so much about the relaxer as it is about the conditioner. I like to use Nexxus Therappe Shampoo and Nexxus Humectress Conditioner. I think these products work best. Then I use Carol's Daughter products for moisture. She doesn't use harmful products like petroleum or mineral oil. I like the Lisa's Hair Elixir and the Healthy Hair Butter. Then I finish off with Hair Balm for an incredible shine. You can buy her stuff online at or at Sephora.
    I used Africa's Best regular and I thought it was pretty good. It even came with a pack of deep conditioner, it made my hair really soft and smooth.

    Good hair relaxers?

    I'm half arab half white...

    my hair is pretty poofy-ish. i want one that does not damage it much(my hair is kinda dry) and i either want big waves (ex: disney channel stars :)) or just pretty darn straight.

    i'm 14...

    thanks!Good hair relaxers?
    i want the same thing

    but i don't know what to doGood hair relaxers?
    Yasmine, you're stupid! You're gonna mess your hair up even worse putting a chemical relaxers in it! You're gonna have to shave your head in acouple of years from breakage.

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    Don't ruin your hair with chemicals. Just put some neem oil in it to protect it from the heat and flat iron it.

    Other things you may want to try is coconut oil and henna.

    In response to your edit, I was just helping you not have serious breakage problems with your hair in the future. Neem oil will protect your hair from the heat of a flat iron or a hair dryer. But go ahead and put chemicals in your hair, you'll have to cut it real short in the future from all the serious damage done to it.
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  • What is a good hair relaxer for my thick my hair?

    i just got my hair relaxed yesterday and i kept it in for a long time! but my hair isnt relaxed properly! i used a dark and lovely kit. regular!

    like yu can still feel the undergrowth!What is a good hair relaxer for my thick my hair?
    olive oil!What is a good hair relaxer for my thick my hair?
    Try Silk Elements. You can buy it at Sally's, and used probably, it will work and condition your hair. But you need to wait at least 6-8 weeks before you try again or you will suffer a lot of hair damage. If your hair is very resistant to relaxing, you may have to try a stronger formula.

    Make sure you follow the time correctly and not just wait until it feels long enough. That can be disastrous.
    i use motions super relaxer. you can get it at sally's for about already comes made in a tub. it works wonders for my little sister thick, coarse hair..%26amp; it works awesome in my hair . it's a good perm . if you can't use a Super then you can just use Regular .good luck !

    Not a fan of any dark and lovely products, but aside from it just being a bad kit, are you thoroughly distributing the relaxer at the root if you are doing yourself?

    I prefer mizani, but if cant go pro I like motions n' optimum at sally's.

    Im a guy that has curly hair but i want to get a permenet hair relaxer?

    so do any of you know how much does a salon charge to make my hair straight permently(or hair relaxer)?

    also my hair is not curly like black people but when i put gel my hair go down so if you guys got some tips.Im a guy that has curly hair but i want to get a permenet hair relaxer?
    don't do it. chemicals will get you into a vicious circle. as it grows out you will be frustrated. try working with your curls. call the mixed chicks company and let them tell you how to deal with curly hair. they are good... 1.818.888.4008Im a guy that has curly hair but i want to get a permenet hair relaxer?
    It depends on what salon you go to but I would be expecting around $100 if you want to know for sure just call around salons and ask the price. I personally do not recommend it it causes alot of damage (more than just straightening your hair with a flat iron) It is expensive, only lasts a couple months, and your hair is not COMPLETLY straight. But try it out and see how you like it.
    My best friend had curly frizzy hair and she went to get her hair relaxed, it cost her $300 =]

    What hair relaxer could I use for my hair?

    I have short soft afro hair, I'm 13 and I wanted to know what type of hair relaxer/perm I could use.

    If possible, one that could grow my hair.

    thanx. xWhat hair relaxer could I use for my hair?
    use morphy richards...its slightly pricey...but it doesnt damage it is capable of making the curliest hair sleek in no time...its perfect for afro it comes in the coolest colors :)What hair relaxer could I use for my hair?
    There's no relaxer that can grow hair. You have to do that your self with regular hair care. I use optimum care no lye, i think it's okay but i have nothing else to compare it to.

    WHITE people: If u have used a hair relaxer, what was it like on your hair? Did it work well? What brand?


    I have extremely thick poofy hair and im interested in trying a relaxer.

    Im not sure yet tho.WHITE people: If u have used a hair relaxer, what was it like on your hair? Did it work well? What brand?
    I had mine done by a girl from Farouk(That's I'm also assuming is what brand the relaxer was from.) at a hair show, A long time ago. It did relax it a bit. But not much. My curls were still there, and they did still have to straighten it(Which, I'm pretty sure is what happens when you have a relaxer when anyone get's one. You still have to straighten your hair.)/

    I applied hair relaxer yesterday but it did not work. should i reapply it today? i used soft and beautiful. ?

    i used the relaxer yesterday, but it did not make a big difference at all. also i used half of the bottle just like it said on it. i also left it four about 15 min. I applied hair relaxer yesterday but it did not work. should i reapply it today? i used soft and beautiful. ?
    If your hair is a little more on the coarse side, then 15 minutes might not have been enough, but definitely do not go back and relax it again today! Your hair is in a really fragile state right now, so make sure you give your hair some serious TLC before you try it again. Deep condition your hair and mainly make sure your hair stays moisturized or else you'll notice severe breakage. I'd say you could probably try the relaxer again in 6-8 weeks. Good luck!I applied hair relaxer yesterday but it did not work. should i reapply it today? i used soft and beautiful. ?
    Well depending on how thick your hair is, and you have to honestly evaluate that, you have to leave it on longer, however


    Please go to the SALON to get it. I'd rather always pay a profession $40 dollars for the same fly result than burn my hair off, scald my scalp, and wind up hairless. Tomorrow, let your hair rest, then deep condition it the next day. wait six weeks just to be safe and then go get it done at a salon. I'm not saying that your bad at it, because everyone who does relaxers has to learn right? I'm just saying that perms are like surgery. Leave it to the professionals.

    What hair relaxer should i use?

    I have thick curly hair, and i am looking for a hair relaxer. But i don't know what kind of relaxer i should use. Any suggestions?What hair relaxer should i use?
    if this is a Virgin application, you definitely need to start with a mild relaxer, try PCJ for Children. Start with kiddie perms until you get used to relaxer and then graduate to Mild PCJ adult formula and then move to Regular.
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  • At home hair relaxers?

    what stores in canada can you buy at home hair relaxers?At home hair relaxers?
    i'm not sure about canada, but if you have walmart, meijer, or a store like should find one there. some higher scale grocers carry them as well. I would try a beauty supply store first;)

    Lye and No-Lye Hair Relaxers...What's the difference?

    Lye is an ingredient, that can seriously burn your skin, that's why most people that relax their hair, buy a hair relaxer with no-lye. For which one is better, I don't know, maybe the one with lye. But do you really want to take the chance of burning your scalp and to take weeks to heal.Lye and No-Lye Hair Relaxers...What's the difference?
    My friend is a hair dresser and she says that the box perms that you would buy in the store that say ';no-lye'; are not good for hair.......apparently lye is actually good for your hair.....motions relaxer in the big yellow tub is the best relaxer to useLye and No-Lye Hair Relaxers...What's the difference?
    I used no-lye relaxers for years with no negative results. Many hairstyles say dont use them, but I personally think it depends on your hair. I go to the hair dresser now for styling, but cant tell the difference in the relaxer. I even do touch-ups with no-lye perms if I am in an emergency (only after 4-6 weeks of course). But remember the best thing is to use no chemicals.

    Is it ok to change your hair relaxer after using one kind for a while?

    What is a good gentle hair relaxer or product to prevent breakage?Is it ok to change your hair relaxer after using one kind for a while?
    Give it a while to ferment - or you could end up going green!

    Help with HAIR!!! Do you kno of any hair relaxers for very sensitive scalp!!?

    Use Hawaiian Silky Herbal Sensitive Scalp Relaxer from Sally's.

    or Dr. Miracle's Therepeutical Intensive No-Lye RelaxerHelp with HAIR!!! Do you kno of any hair relaxers for very sensitive scalp!!?
    Use a conditioning lye relaxer-yes, I said LYE, not the no-lye types.That means one with SODIUM HYDROXIDE. The no lye types can really do a number on your hair quality after a bit. Track down this book on Black Hair care by Shamboosie on Amazon, he tells you how to relax your hair safely.Help with HAIR!!! Do you kno of any hair relaxers for very sensitive scalp!!?
    I would start with a kiddie perm then try a stronger relaxer for a sensitive scalp. Maybe you need to base your scalp. Could it be an allergic reaction?

    Hair Relaxers for men's hair like mine?

    Hey i've been growing out my hair and its wavy and a little nappy. i wanna grow it out till summer time cuz i want it to be like to the front but straight kinda like u know white hairstyle something like that. anyways i wanted to know if i use relaxers for my hair would it work for my wavy / nappy hair and make it soft and straight hair??Hair Relaxers for men's hair like mine?
    Try Wella hair straightening cream, works effectively in straightening curly hair and it conditions the hair for a silky and shiny hair

    What's the best hair relaxer for really curly hair in Ameria, and what store is it availbile in?

    First off the best hair relaxer in America is not going to be sold and any ole store,

    But I have worked with CHI Transformation System and I have gotten the best results for my clients from this system.

    here's some more info on the product:

    here are some before and afters:

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  • Is it true if I stop getting relaxers in my hair, my hair will break off? I don't want to relax it anymore?

    I've been getting relaxers for a while, but I heard the only way to get it out is to cut ur hair and start this true? Or can I just stop?Is it true if I stop getting relaxers in my hair, my hair will break off? I don't want to relax it anymore?
    Your new growth is the strongest part of your hair, so your relaxed ends will break off at the new growth if you don't take care of your hair or manipulate it too much. SO, yes, your hair can break off at the new growth if you stop relaxing.

    Now, relaxers are permanent. The hair you relax will never revert to your natural hair. If you want to go natural then you have to stop relaxing and eventually cut off all the relaxed hair. You don't have to cut it off all at once - you can grow it out and trim your hair little-by-little until all the relaxed hair is gone (That's called transitioning). Or, you can just go ahead and cut off your hair at the new growth (that's called the BC).

    There's a lot of information about transitioning to natural over the Internet via websites, youtube, and message boards. - search for natural hair.

    http://www.nappturality.comIs it true if I stop getting relaxers in my hair, my hair will break off? I don't want to relax it anymore?
    You do not have to cut off all your hair you can grow it out and get it trimed. It will be more likely to break but if you take proper care of it your hair will be fine.

    Transitioning from relaxed to natural? How long it'll take depends on your hair's length and condition.

    What's the best way to transition your hair?

    Going back to natural: If you're willing to get a short cut, you'll cut a lot of time off the transition period but you do not have to cut your hair. Keep in mind, as your natural hair grows out, there will be stress on the line of demarcation, which is the point where the natural curl that's growing out meets the relaxed hair. What's essential: Mist hair with water to determine the line of demarcation between natural roots and relaxed hair. Never put stress on the line of demarcation!

    If your relaxed hair is damaged, consider a loose weave, braids or twist when transitioning

    To minimize the stress:

    *Keep hair well-moisturized

    Don't use excessive heat to straighten the natural hair,do not use lots of heat to straighten natural curl to try and match relaxed hair. Ask your hairdresser to give you a style that makes the two textures look more similar, like braids, two-strand twists or a straw set. They can make the two textures look similar, while hair grows out

    Treat your hair gently, don't pull and tug on it or rub too vigorously with a towel when you dry it. Gently blot-dry your hair, use Leave-In Conditioner and comb very gently, using a wide-toothed comb and working from the ends up in small increments. Deep condition every time you shampoo. Keep hair well moisturized and use a moisturizer ( I like Motions Hair and Scalp Daily Moisturizing Hairdressing) before and after styling.Use hard plastic rollers; spongy ones absorb moisture from your hair. Always use a wide-toothed comb and soft brush to reduce breakage. If your hair does break ask your stylist for options, including one of the new short cuts

    Try Motions and Aphogee products they are the best when transitioning.
    Stop using then and let your hair grow out. U've only used the relaxer on the part of your hair you had. unfortunatley, you have to wait.

    Trim off little by little if you don't want to go bald or very short...
    haha no that's not true

    i used relaxers b4

    but i dont anymore

    when i stopped nothing happened to my hair

    still soft and silkyy
    whats a relaxer?

    Friday, January 22, 2010

    How much and long does hair relaxer's cost and last?

    i have semi curly hair that takes forver to starighern. thermal straigthening is too much, so what about relaxers. how much and how long?How much and long does hair relaxer's cost and last?
    It depends on which product you get. The range is from $7.00-$11.00 at the beauty supply stores.

    You only do the new growth touch up every 6-8 weeks depending on fast your hair grow. I like to wait until there is a lot of new growth to do touch ups. For the entire head usually last 6-9months until you can re-do the entire head.How much and long does hair relaxer's cost and last?
    eh i got mine done at a salon for 鈧?0 dunn what that is in dollars! but its not too expensive but u can buy 1 and do it yourself!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
    I would not recommend relaxing. It is very damaging to your hair. Plus if you don't know what you are doing you could make your hair fall out. I use to relax my hair for years and every time I would get burned. If you do decide to do it I would go to a saloon. If you go to a saloon mine also cost about $60 dollars. Once you relax it, it is permanent. So if you don't like it. You will have to wait until your hair grows out again.

    What is the mildest hair relaxer for kids?

    include the name %26amp; estimated priceWhat is the mildest hair relaxer for kids?
    How old is your child? They dont need relaxers until they are in the 7th or 8th gradeWhat is the mildest hair relaxer for kids?
    Motions for Kids it's about 7 or 8 dollars you should go to the salon and have them put it in that way they can style your hair too, But motions for kids is what they use in most salons
    Just for me, this is a child relaxer. It will burn as the hair is Virgin.

    I know adults who still use the relaxer and it looks good. approx 拢4

    Johnson and Johnson around $10.00
    beatiful beginnings because it nutralizes kids hair and doesent burn
    Just For Me is designed for kids. Its around $7 or $8. I used it until I was in about 8th grade.
    dark-n-lovely for's great. not too strong but strong enough.around $ 7.00 at wal-mart.
    Motions like $7or 8
    ask youre local salon so it doesnt hurt there hair.
    Just For Me.... I think it's around 4 bucks

    What's a good hair relaxer for african american women?

    The ones I use don't really straighten my hair, it kinda leaves it like hard know what I mean, or just not real hair looking. Like of course I won't get salon quality hair after using relaxer at home but I want something that'll leave it at least soft where I can just blow dry it 1.2.3 and be out the door.What's a good hair relaxer for african american women?
    dark and lovelyWhat's a good hair relaxer for african american women?
    I use Hawaiian Silky no lye and it's the best one I've used. It's made w/ lithium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide (lye) or calcium hydroxide (what most no lye box relaxers are mostly made of). I use to burn a lot with any other relaxer that I used.

    You kind of have to pick your poison when you get a lye or a no lye relaxer. Lye will burn your scalp more easier but it can make your hair look better. Most no lye in box relaxer is easier on your scalp but your hair doesn't look as good b/c it leaves deposits on your hair. But with Hawaiian Silky I can get my hair bone straight and I've never burn in the 2 years that I've used it and my hair is shiny afterwards.

    It should be a local beauty supply store. It's normally about 5 bucks and you get about 3 applications if not more out of one thing. Also you don't have to throw away what you don't use like you have to when you have a box relaxer. Get that and some neutralizing shampoo.

    A lot of people also use Silk Elements or Organic Root Stimulator. If you can afford it then try Mizani Butter Blends or Affirm. Also you can get some salon quality looking hair if you google about how to take care of your hair.

    I have a question about hair relaxers.?

    If I start using a hair relaxer and I want to go back to the way my hair used to look naturally, do I just have to stop using the product, or is there no way to go back once I have started?

    Also, are there any hair relaxers that allow me to go back to my naturally hair whenever I want to?

    I have really thick and curly hair but it's kind of damaged from me straightening it, if that helps.I have a question about hair relaxers.?
    No and no. There are all kind of myths out there that you can turn relaxed hair back into natural but it's just not possible. Examples: vinegar and beer will turn permed into kinky. People may think they have turned their hair back but really they are just making it brittle enough so that it appears they no longer have relaxed tresses. If your hair is relaxed hair you must recognize that the bonds of the hair coils are broken to make it straight and it is essentially damaged hair. Deep condition regularly, do protein treatments and just use a good leave in conditioner as well as all of the above if you do get a relaxer.

    The only way to get rid of a relaxer? Stop touch ups and transition back to natural the hard way and somewhere along teh way you have to cut of the straight ends.

    Different relaxers may claim to be ';gentler'; but most have the same ingredients and contain the same type of chemicals that are in hair deplilatories. You sacrifice the ability to go back and forth with a relaxer since as I said above it takes some pretty harsh chemiclals to permenantly change the structure of hair which is why your scalp burns and develops scabs.

    If you want to embrace your natural texture and learn more info about relaxers:

    the book Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey鈥?/a>

    ';Embrace your hair and your life will follow';I have a question about hair relaxers.?
    If you want to get rid of the relaxer you can do the Big Chop[I don't know how that works though] or stop using the product completely.

    What should i do with the excess hair relaxer left?

    i bought organics olive oil hair relaxer, its telling me to mix two things together and use that on my hair. there is a lot of it, my hair are only like one inch long. i would barely use 1/8th of it. is the rest gonna go bad?What should i do with the excess hair relaxer left?
    just put it in the fridge and use it next tym you need a relaxer that wat i do with mine and its always still good when tym comes to use it againWhat should i do with the excess hair relaxer left?
    Why don't you just like take some out, and put it in another container, then use it later? Because it's going to not work if you put the stuff in it now.

    Can anyone tell me where I could purchase Mizani hair relaxer?

    In the Inland Empire area.Can anyone tell me where I could purchase Mizani hair relaxer?
    I am sorry, I am not familar with the inland empire area. So I was not able to determine where in the US was closest to you. If Calforina is near you then any major beauty supplier will carry it, as does most in NY, Washington DC, Chicago, Texas, Gerogia, Maryland, New Jersey and Florida. Any major city within these states, and most will have a beauty supply store that carriers this relaxer and will ship overseas. A suggestion buy more than one so as to offset the shipping cost with may be very pricey.
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  • Which hair straightener works best, Japanese straightening or the keratin ones or relaxers?

    I don't want to pay a fortune but I don't want to fry my hair either...Which hair straightener works best, Japanese straightening or the keratin ones or relaxers?
    Japanese straightening works best on asian/caucasion hair, if you are african american you could loose your hair and it is pricy $$$ and permanent, but only certain textures can handle it.

    Keratin is a little cheaper, but the chemical has formaldehyde (like embalming fluid) to make it last longer, you and the stylist have to wear a mask when it is applied. It also does not actually straighten hair permanently but keep it from frizzing. You see amost after photos of people with straight hair but thats really cause the heat of flat ironing seals in the keratin and obviously straightens hair. The keratin bonds to hair and strengthens its formation so if you got a straw set after the keratin treatment and it rains, your hair won't frizz into an afro but the curls will stay defined. Plus if you are black you need to get a relaxer first in order to appreciate/get the full effect the keratin, and the keratin is super healthy (except the formaldehyde) for your hair.Which hair straightener works best, Japanese straightening or the keratin ones or relaxers?
    first of all what are you? jap., ker., or american, that's what you base your chemical relaxers on. get a regular relaxer and work it smooth, smooth, smooth
    one word baby!!



    wait that was two words...

    sorry ^^

    it's potent and it wont damage your hair =]
    try CHI hair straighteners they are amazing.

    Hair relaxers for guys? what do you think?

    im 25% black and it shows in my hair lol....tight frizzy curls.... what would it do if it was ';relaxed';? Is that to metro? lolHair relaxers for guys? what do you think?
    I have seen men get relaxers. It will take your tight frizzy curls and make your hair totally straight. It may be poofy somewhat too depending on your length of hair. You will also need a touch up on the outgrowth every 6 to 8 weeks. As far as it being metro, that will depend on how your hair is cut.Hair relaxers for guys? what do you think?
    It would relax your hair as it should, that's all.

    Whats better for dry hair?? hot oil treatment or hair relaxers?

    does hot oil treatment work on dry new hair growth??Whats better for dry hair?? hot oil treatment or hair relaxers?
    HOT OIL TREATMENTS, hair relaxers have chemicals, fry city and yes the oil works on new hair growth, actually works the best on itWhats better for dry hair?? hot oil treatment or hair relaxers?
    I have very thick medium-dry hair, and I wash it ONLY when it gets oily from product. But on the days I don't use shampoo, I use only conditioner, and I leave a little bit of it in. Then I towel dry it until it is damp and put on an oil based product. I might use the hair dryer and curling iron twice a week at most. I try to find other styles for long hair, which do not require heat. It is the heat that KILLS my hair and makes it very dry.
    Hot oil treatments does work better for your dry hair. You should also add hair lotion to your scalp daily.
    Why do you want to opt for the relaxing thought. Definitely definitely hot oil treatment. Speak to your stylist about BB Hair scalp oil, has worked magic for me. My hair used to be so dry and the new growth would come and my hair keeps breaking. But now all I do is apply the hot oil treatment on a more regular basis using BB Hair stuff and my hair is long up to my mid back and has lustre and richness in it.

    I hope this works for you too. Good luck.
    YES! Do the Hot Oil Treatment instead of relaxing.
    Hot oil treatments, some hair relaxer causes hair damage
    Definitely the hot oil treatment.
    hot oil treatment.

    relaxers dry is out more.
    Use a good conditioner.

    I have even put mayonaise in my hair.

    I have long striaght hair that gets very dry in the winter.

    I use lot's of conditioner!

    Wella makes a great conditioner.

    Try using conditioner and leaving it in for 5 mintues,

    cover with saran wrap and then rinse out.

    also, don't wash your hair with shampoo, just condion it every other time you wash it.

    Ease up on the blow dryer.

    Wear a hat in dry weather, cover your dry hair, and protect it.

    Take a daily vitiman, good hair comes from within!

    And good care on the outside.

    Read Labels, and avoid anything with alcohol in it's ingredients.

    Good luck

    What hair relaxer can you suggest that last for 6 months or longer?

    I used olive oil hair relaxer but it only last for a week. I'm a flipino and my hair is way. I have no time to iron my hair.What hair relaxer can you suggest that last for 6 months or longer?
    go to your hair person. you can get a relaxing or a freezer

    Where can i buy hair relaxer in the philippines?

    Hi i'm currently deployed here in the philippines and now my hair is growing out. I would like to know where can i buy hair relaxer for african american hair like dark and lovely or african's best. thanksWhere can i buy hair relaxer in the philippines?
    I have no clue where you could buy locally, I always advise people to visit the tourist spot hotel salons to see if they can style ethnic hair. Other than that, I know amazon and walgreens can ship to you, but if you're on military deployment you might want to invest in a PO Box or somewhere you can pick it up.

    How much would a hair relaxer cost?

    Hey, im a guy and i wanted to relaxe my curly hair. its about 2 and a half inches long,. how much would it cost?im spanish btwHow much would a hair relaxer cost?
    Well, it depends where you would get it. But the range of your short hair would probably cost around $30-$50How much would a hair relaxer cost?
    may be $ 40
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  • What is the best product to base your scalp before hair relaxer?

    and please tell me into how many sections do u divide your hair and do u have to base the whole scalp, i think it is hard to do it entirely this is my very first time and iam confused .

    thanks in advance for the tipsWhat is the best product to base your scalp before hair relaxer?
    FIRST OFF, make sure you don't have any cuts or abrasions on your scalp, because nothing is going to stop cuts or abrasions from burning first off until they heal!! I just relaxed my hair this past weekend, and the kit that I used had a protective scalp gel that came with it. So if you are buying a kit, you should see if they provide it already for you in the package.. If not, then I suggest you put some vasaline/petroleum jelly on your scalp. Now depending on relaxer, some allow you to get close enough to the scalp where it won't burn at all...and some relaxers you are advised to NOT put it about 1/4 inch close to your first find out and then from there, you could just apply the vaseline/petroleum jelly where needed. If I were you, I would just put it on my forehead, on my scalp, on my neck, behind my ears, all over the hairline.. anywhere I could where there is skin! and most people tend to not think about this..but make sure you wear gloves when applying relaxers.. some people don't think about it but it can burn up under the nails and what not.

    Doing it yourself is really easy, importantly just follow the directions!!.. read it before so you know ahead of time and have everything set up in order so it is not scattered all over the place. I did my relaxer myself and I love it now and saved myself so much money.What is the best product to base your scalp before hair relaxer?
    umm just put some protective petroleum on it

    and im pretty sure its 4 sections like a cross

    and i just got my hair relaxed for the first time today :D

    ^shake your bon-bon^

    Do hair relaxers even work ?

    do relaxers work verry welland actully make your hair straight?

    i have found a relaxer online called Organic Root Stimulator OLIVE OIL Relaxer (Normal) , itseems to have good reviews by sayung iot doesnt damage the hair but does it actuly straighten your hair much im a 3b btw , thanks xDo hair relaxers even work ?
    I actually use Organic Root Stimulator and yes it straightens your hair because it is a chemical straightener. As long as you leave it on your hair for the recommended amount of time, your hair will straighten.Do hair relaxers even work ?
    Relaxers work in my hair, better than straight perms. I have not tried that brand though. Olive oil would be a good ingredient; sounds like it would work.

    The straightness is partly chemical, but also depends how long you leave it on each section, and how straight you comb each section while it's on. There will still be curl or crinkles if you are too lax with it.
    They do..But it really depends on the hair. When I got my hair permanetly straightened, It didn't really do much for my hair. But my hair was also thick and really curly. But others it worked great for....All permanent straighteners damage hair, even the organic root one.
    see for that

    keep using

    Hair Relaxers for Indian hair?

    i am from Indian origin and I have dark brown wavy frizzy hair. I have done Japanese straightening/Rebonding twice before and i think its time again now. I wanted to know if i can use ';Hair relaxer for color treated hair'; (Dark and lovely) or is it just for African-American hair?Hair Relaxers for Indian hair?
    If the relaxer is designed for afro hair it will probably be too harsh to use on your hair.

    Can I base my hair with Vaseline before my hair relaxer?

    It's been about 6 weeks since my hair relaxer and I was wondering if I can use vaseline on my hair for a couple days before my relaxer. I'm getting it done in 2 days, but the itchiness is too much. Is it safe to use vaseline to help with the dry%26amp; itchiness?Can I base my hair with Vaseline before my hair relaxer?
    all the vaseline will do is create a barrier between your scalp and the relaxer - which everyone needs because it is a chemical and you don't want long term, reoccuring damage to your scalp. However, you should start to address the dryness and itching which is caused by your choice of styling products or a dematological issue.

    If you still have serious irritation during relaxers ask your stylist to try another strength or a sensitive scalp formula. And observe whether she is a sloppy applicator who just slaps relaxer on your head not caring to avoid the scalp.Can I base my hair with Vaseline before my hair relaxer?
    you need to talk to your stylist - she should either use a different relaxer or put a barrier on your scalp -

    no to the vaseline - it is a petroleum product and that is not a good thing for your hair or your scalp. it could also cause problems with your relaxer service.
    no... vaseline is not not good for the hair. use olive oil instead.

    Should I take my daughter in for a hair relaxer yet?

    My daughter is black/white. Her hair is the texture of mine (fine/thin/white persons hair), and looks like she has a spiral perm. She hates it. She wants it straight so badly that she hot irons 2-3 times a day, and now her hair is breaking off. Should I make her stop hot ironing and wait until it's healthy again to get a relaxer for her hair, or can I go ahead and have it done now? It's not a matter of whether I can or can't, but should I get her a relaxer before her hair repairs itself?Should I take my daughter in for a hair relaxer yet?
    There are so many black females that will commit mass murder just to have your daughters hair texture....I for one!!!

    I have seen mixed females put relaxers in their hair...and even though the hair stays long, it still breaks off, is dry, and not attractive.

    Talk to various salons and cosmetologist and ask people who have similar hair texture, what do they do. Some black people who are not mixed have similar hair...ask them!!

    You do have options....go to a GOOD black salon and try various methods before doing a chemical. Try roller setting her hair on BIG rollers. Once dry, wrap the hair and sit her under the dryer again for 15 min. It is called a doobie may have to go to a black salon to get this!!

    -If you must get a relaxer...make sure you DEEP CONDITION (sitting under the dryer with conditioner) the hair after EVERY relaxer process...despite what some cosmetologist tell you.

    -You may not want to wash the hair daily with a relaxer...this is something to consider if she is used to washing hair daily...ask a black stylist for more info (too much to type here).

    -After every wash, let the conditioner sit for 10 min.

    - must get a retouch every 6-8 weeks

    -NEVER USE BOX RELAXERS (the one brought out the store LIKE African Pride, Fabulaxer, Optimum, Black and beautiful, JUST FOR KIDS(that is the name of it), just to name a few).....they are made with calcium hydroxide amd cause calcium build-up. You notice this on a lot of blacks who's hair turn from black to a brown tint and when they wash it, it is not as straight as when they first got the relaxer.

    *You must go to a salon that uses a relaxer with sodium hydroxide.....DESIGN ESSENTIALS, DUDLEY, NU EXPRESSIONS, MIZANI just to name a few

    If you ask me....having a relaxer takes more work and money. If I had a daugter I would not let her get a relaxer until she is 16 or 17. If I had her texture I would just love to wash it and go...saves time.

    SHE JUST DOES NOT KNOW HOW GOOD SHE HAS IT!!!!Should I take my daughter in for a hair relaxer yet?
    consult a hairstylist.
    Wait for it to heal itself. My lil sis is the same way and we still relaxed it and up to 5 inches broke off. Just wait and talk to the hair stylist.
    i used to have wavy hair...and i got addicted to flat ironing it everyday to school... (i was 15 then)...after a year, i got it was okay... im 17 now and i get my hair relaxed about twice a year...its just fine, i had no major problems, but i have to have it treated in deep conditioning once a month...

    im asian...and it wasnt really curly...maybe your daughter's case is gonna be different
    No only does it depend on the condition of her hair, it also depends on her age. Most styllists will not perform a perm or relaxer for children under 12, as it may not take because their hair has not matured enough for it yet. If they do do it, you should be required to sign a waiver, and your service will probably not be guaranteed without the purchase of the proper products to care for it. That said, you should also deffinitly consult a stylist about the condition of her hair and if her hair can handle a chemical service at this time.
    no its best to wait till its repaired itself, but i wudnt advise relaxing for her type of hair it might damage it unless it was really curly
    how old is she if she is under 10 don't do it cause her texture will change if she is older than 11 go ahead just be causious as to what you use and how long you can seriously burn her scalp to perminant damage
    Since her hair is so fine, try doing something a little different, I went through this. There are products out there for after you wash the hair, you put it on and then blowdry it...if not that, put something mild in it. I have a friend (whose hair wasn't as strong as mine) and she put something called anti-curl in hers. It's for hair like your child's sounds.

    I have natural curly hair and im curious if there are any relaxers that do not damage your hair?

    by definition, there's no such thing as a relaxer that doesn't damage. the way they work is by breaking the chemical bonds in your hair and then melting them straight. for example, the ingredient in nair that makes your hair weaken and fall out is the same exact thing in perms. same thing goes for drano.

    sure there are ppl that will say ';sure just put it on for a little bit of time'; or ';mine looks good'; but just know how perms/relaxers work and that they all damage hair.I have natural curly hair and im curious if there are any relaxers that do not damage your hair?
    oh gosh.

    i have the exact same problem

    most of the time it looks like i have stuck my fingers in an electrical socket.

    my hair is crazy curly and is usually standing up on end.

    these are the products that i use...that actually work:

    1.) frizz ease serum-just a dollop right after you shower doesn,t make your hair greasy and it will be smooth and far more relaxed.

    2.) catwalk ';queen for a day';-although it is not actually advertised as a curl relaxer, i find my hair is far more manageable after i use this.

    3.) fructis curl relaxing cream-this is probably my favorite. it costs $3 for a reasonable size bottle. my hair does not even look the same after i use it.

    hope this helps.:)I have natural curly hair and im curious if there are any relaxers that do not damage your hair?
    all relaxers will damage your hair but not alot...they damage ur hair because they're chemicals in it......just straighten ur hair every sunday and deal with it through the week
    Not that I know of. Relaxers or chemical straighteners damage your hair a little. But not A LOT!

    Sorry. D:
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