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The front side of my hair looks like it is clinched and always contacting my scalp after applying hair relaxer?

Does any one know what mistake happened during relaxing process. and how to avoid in future?

thanks and regards The front side of my hair looks like it is clinched and always contacting my scalp after applying hair relaxer?
When you say clinched do you mean sticking to your scalp? If that's the case then you are either leaving the perm in too long or the perm is too strong for your hair type.

Does a hair relaxer make your hair feel like straw, what can i do to fix it?

My hair was frizzy and dry so I used a relaxer.This has made my hair feel like straw and or the relaxer did not rince out. What can I do to fix it besides cutting it all off?Does a hair relaxer make your hair feel like straw, what can i do to fix it?
Relaxers dry out your hair so make sure you follow it with a good deep conditioning treatment and give it plenty of moisture.

My advice is to research relaxers and how to take care of them, so you can minimize this problem.Does a hair relaxer make your hair feel like straw, what can i do to fix it?
=( My hair after relaxers feels great! But it could be that I use a moisturising relaxer. Just buy a deep conditioning treatment. And treat it twice a day. MAKE SURE YOU RINSE IT OUT TO AVOID BUILDUP!
try leave in conditioner and a real good shampoo

What are the ingredients of hair relaxer?

Here are the instructions for Hair Straightener Treatment

by Ogilvie:

Your hair falls softer, straighter and shinier - as free as you are.

Ogilvie Straightener is good for all hair types except double processed, frosted, bleached or previously straightened with relaxers containing lye or guanidine carbonate.

This package contains everything you need, even for longer hair:

Step 1 Straightener Lotion

Step 2 Neutralizer

Leave-In Conditioner

Salon gloves (latex)

Salon comb

Step-by-Step instructions


Read enclosed instructions carefully before using this product.


Water , Ammonium Thioglycolate , Diammonium Dithiodiglycolate , Cetearyl Alcohol , Ammonium Hydroxide , Laureth-23 , Mineral Oil , Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , Fragrance , Water , Hydrogen Peroxide , Cetearyl Alcohol , Olealkonium Chloride , Ceteth-20 , Mineral Oil , Sodium Lauryl Sulfate , Methylparaben , Disodium Phosphate , Phosphoric Acid , Water , Propylene Glycol , Polyquaternium-4 , Behenamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride , Dimethicone Copolyol , Panthenol , Hydrolyzed Hair Keratin , Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans , Sodium Cocoyl Collagen Amino Acids , Cocoyl Sarcosine , Wheat Germ Acid , Linoleic Acid , Linolenic Acid , Sorbitol , Wheat Germ Oil , Jojoba Oil , Tocopherol Sulfate , Matricaria Extract , Yarrow Extract , Lemongrass Extract , Hops Extract , Rosemary Extract , Balm Mint Extract , Polysorbate 20 , Fragrance , Diazolidinyl Urea , Methylparaben , Propylparaben , Disodium EDTA , Benzophenone-4 , Sodium Citrate , Citric AcidWhat are the ingredients of hair relaxer?
Chemicall relaxers can have different straitening agents. First are the Sodium Hydroxise (lye) relaxers. Then you have the ';no lye'; relaxers. These would be the ones that use an alternative straigtening agent: Lithium, Potassium, Calcium hydroxide or Guanidine Carbonate. The degree of damage even though they are different chemicalls, is the same. It is just a way to fool the uninformed into thinking that the relaxer is less damaging because is a ';no Lye'; relaxer.

Then you have the Thioglycate ralaxers (or Thio). Thio is a milder chemical.

Some of these chemicals like sodium hydroxide or sodium bromate are actually used in sink cloggers because it eats hair. That is why relaxers are so damaging if they are applied incorrectly or overused. Hope that helps.What are the ingredients of hair relaxer?
lye relaxers contain sodium hydroxide as the active ingredient.

check the boxes for the additional ingredients.

Has anyone used baka natural hair relaxer before?

I heard about this relaxer that it does not break the bonds of the hair as it only relaxes it, has anyone used it? is it true? or is it just a gimmick to get our money since a lot of black sisters have started to turn away from chemical hair relaxers? I am trying to stay away from chemical hair relaxers and just looking for alternate healthier options for my hair to become more manageable.Has anyone used baka natural hair relaxer before?
i suggest nooo cuzz i did it and well yea some partas are straight ans some curly so now i defanitlly have to straighten every day :( but if u blow dry all the tiem or just never let it dry alone it should be fine i must say its easier to styleHas anyone used baka natural hair relaxer before?
My experience using the (baka) natural-laxer plus was good, just like they stated...makes the hair more managable, less tangled, soft and lusterous. It's natural alright! But it does not make your hair straight like a regular perm. I would only recommend this product to those with natural hair.

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i agree with the lady above a defo for a no no no....its best to use what you know....also do google search on best reported hair relaxers i use DARK n LOVELY it leaves you hair smooth soft and fresh and very moisturized...depends on your hair type.....

Do a search you will get reports of what millions of people rate the best relaxer

type something along the lines of ';what is the best hair relaxer for dry damaged hair....or best relaxer rated by public not to break hair etc....';

or even better ask yahoo people which relaxer they suggest and why
No. It's a advertisement. I used Optimum Hair relaxer and it stated it was redesign to help prevent brekage, but yet I still got breakage (I followed the directions closely).

You should either stick to what you know works (like the above two post) or go to your hair dresser. In the end relaxers basically have the same type of treatment process; however, a few may vary with more conditioners and creames. It's also about the process that you do (timing, hair stregth, type of hair you have, etc).

Personally when I do relaxers I actually do the apply a type of coating on my hair, apply the relaxer, rinse the relaxer out, and then use a deep conditioner, rince and continue with the steps. That's what I do. I have to use a relaxer because if I don't my hair gets super curly and harder to manage. In fact I think my hair comes out more without a relaxer than with one. Good Luck.
I've used the Baka Beauty Natural-Laxer and it is not a true substitute for a chemical straightener. I wear my hair natural and investigated Baka as an alternative to a texturizer for manageability.

I discovered that it was a messy procedure. The Baka clay was difficult to shampoo out and smelled funny. There is not enough Baka shampoo or conditioner provided to adequately cleanse or condition the hair after the clay. After the entire situation was finished, my hair was indeed more manageable. It was slight and would definitely require multiple applications to be worthwhile. Having medium length hair, the price tag for the appropriate amount would be near ridiculous.

After some research on, however, I found that I could recreate this by applying Queen Helene's Mud Masque to my hair instead. At near 2.50$ a bottle, it became a much more reasonable solution. (Also, the clay has a very nice clarifying property--something that I find exceptionally helpful when dealing with hard water here in Germany.)

If you are looking for a relaxer replacement, this would not be the solution unless you are prepared to attempt the procedure NUMEROUS times. Even then, I believe it would be most like a texturizer and would not provide you with an easy to maintain straight look.
I did when I was transitioning from my curly perm, and It loosed my curls. No notice of damage of any sort. I still have a bit of the product and may used it on my natural hair now.
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  • What relaxers/chemicals do i use for my hair?

    i am a black guy and i am currently keeping an afro, please i want to know what kinda relaxers/chemicals to use on my hair to make it look good!What relaxers/chemicals do i use for my hair?
    Keep your natural hair, hon. Men look so much better with natural hair, and once you put the chemicals in, that's it. It has to grow out before you can ever put back in dreds, braids won't hold as well, you'll have to condition it more often, and there's fewer ways you can wear it.

    Get a sister or cousin or female friend to flat iron your hair for you first and wear it a few days - see if that's what you REALLY want before you do it permanently.What relaxers/chemicals do i use for my hair?
    Because you're a man, you probably shouldn't use the same kind of relaxers that women use. I would go to a salon, first, because you've been wearing your hair natural, which is beautiful, by the way, a hair stylist can straighten your hair without harsh chemicals to see if you prefer that style, first. Then, if you do, they will be able to offer you the BEST advice on how to maintain your quaff. Good luck, Hon.
    Olive Oil Relaxer is good

    How many times do i have to wash my hair after relaxer?

    My mom says its good to wash my wash every two days for about a month after a perm.But i wanted to get sew in extensions and if i get that i'll leave it in for like 3 weeks is that ok not washing my hair for 3 weeks?I've already washed it twice before this as i put it on monday.How many times do i have to wash my hair after relaxer?
    You don't need to wash your hair that much. Now did you have a relaxer or a perm? With a relaxer you straighten the hair a perm makes it curly. If you wash your that much you dry it out. and you shouldn't braid the hair after you relax it because a relaxer weakens the hair and braiding it doesn't help. usually when i sew hair in i only braid what is going to be left out.